Sales, rental and maintenance of material handling and woodworking machinery, cranes, scoops, grips and other hydraulic machinery and equipment. We operate in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Sweden.

Sennebogen, Smag Peiner, Sany Europe and Expert Baltic professional machinery and equipment representative

ScanBalt Crane is Palgard Crane Group-owned company whose core business is hydraulic machinery and equipment sales, rental and maintenance.

Our sales range includes various manufacturers of materials handling machines, woodworking machines, hydraulic loading machines, cranes, shovels, grabs.

Represented trademarks in Estonia and the Baltics:
  • Sales, rental and maintenance of Sennebogen hydraulic material handling machines, telescopic, harbor and building cranes.
  • Sales, rent and maintenance of Sany Europe hydraulic container lifters and forklifts.
  • Smag Peiner sales, rental and maintenance of hydraulic, mechanical and electrically driven grips, scoops, grabs and other.
  • Expert Baltic sales and maintenance of hydraulic, mechanical grabs and scoops and other metal products.
In addition, our range includes Dynaset products, Fogmaker fire extinguishing solutions for machines, Stevenel various loading equipment, Indexator
rotators, Linde hydraulic products, and more.