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In over 60 years, SENNEBOGEN has built up an excellent worldwide reputation in the materials handling industry. Our current high-tech, high-performance materials handling machinery is the result of intensive development. Our primary considerations in new product development are flexibility and maximum customer satisfaction. Our consistent implementation of solutions that meet customer needs, mean that our Green Line series offers perfect machines for every application.

Reliability and maximum availability are of crucial importance in most applications. SENNEBOGEN continues to focus on developing powerful, high-performance technology with a long service life and low maintenance needs even under the toughest conditions. Ergonomically optimized working conditions and intelligent diagnostic systems ensure maximum efficiency in daily work. The name "Green Line" represents SENNEBOGEN's responsible approach - enhancing the efficiency of our machines and reducing noise emission also reduces the impact on the environment.

SENNEBOGEN’s worldwide service network guarantees a high level of technical support and excellent spare parts availability.

SANY Europe

SANY Group offers a wide range of lifting, construction, earth moving and materials handling equipment for a number of industries.
Starting with 2012, SANY Europe has customized its product range for the European market and currently offers crawler cranes, crawler excavators and materials handling equipment. All machines in European product portfolio are designed and manufactured according to local quality and legal requirements. Our engineers support crane development in Bedburg (Germany). We are thoroughly involved in the final quality control stage for Chinese factories, before the products are delivered to customers. Our factory in Germany produces container lifts, high-powered forklifts and handling equipment for empty containers. Product design is carried out in its entirety in Germany.


Expert Baltic OÜ was established in 2004 with the objective of developing loading equipment and technologies, and production of hydraulic cylinders, scoops, grapples, containers, other equipment and structures. EXSTEL products are primarily exported to Baltic States, Sweden, Great Britain and other EU countries. Exstel products are distributed by Tradex Invest OÜ.

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SMAG offers its customers a wide range of gripping devices to enhance the productivity for various types of cargo handling. Design of gripping devices depends on type and material of handled objects, as the design of the gripper has a strong impact on the efficiency of material handling. Movement of the gripper - which may be mechanical, hydraulic, electrohydraulic, and the fill volume may vary from one to over sixty cubic meters. Grippers can handle various types of goods - grain, coal, garbage and even wood or scrap metal.

In additon to ports, a large part of SMAG customers are shipyards, which in increasing numbers, install lifting mechanisms strictly on the vessels, eliminating the need for depending on ports' handling capacity.